Why Japanese 7-Eleven’s Are The Best

With the Tokyo Olympics coming up, I thought I’d revisit one of my favorite things: Japanese 7-Elevens.

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If you’ve ever been to Japan, then you know there’s basically a 7-Eleven on every corner. We’re not talking about your basic American 7-Eleven.

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And while on the outside, a Japanese 7-Eleven looks like every other 7-Eleven you’ve ever been to — it’s the inside that is totally and completely different.

The thing about Japanese 7-Elevens, in general, is that for people from outside of Japan, there’s basically an unlimited selection of things you’ve never tried.

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Let’s start with the ice cream. The selection is unmatched.

My personal favorite is this one called “Coolish.” It’s basically a juice box…but with ice cream.

Another cool thing about Japanese 7-Elevens is that you can buy liquor there.

They have beers in a variety of sizes.

I mean, look how small that lil’ beer is!

They have individual cups of sake…

…alcoholic juice boxes…

…my personal favorite, “Strong,” which is basically Sparks…

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These are deadly, as in they get you fucked up fast.

…and last but not least, Zima.

Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

Yes, you can still buy Zima in Japan.

The non-alcoholic drinks are equally as interesting.

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Pro tip: Mix the Fresca ginger ale with whiskey and you have a fabulous cocktail.

I wish I had more pictures of the beverage refrigerators, because honestly, they are my favorite.

They sell a ton of Pocky…

…very cute salt shakers…

…salad dressings in interesting containers…

…and snacks you could only dream existed.

Candy cheese!

Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

I never tried this, but I’m still intrigued. 

The Cup Noodle selection will make the average gamer/college student shake.

They sell real produce, like full-on shrooms.

And look at this mayonnaise. Even the mayonnaise is cute.

Like, the meals are quality and legit.

They sell individual hard-boiled eggs. And no, these aren’t your months-old hard-boiled eggs you buy at gas stations. These are fresh eggs with beautiful golden yolks.

They sell soba noodles…

…and they have normal junk food like chicken nuggets.

Apparently, they even have the best corn dogs.

Twitter: @balenciagababa

I can’t vouch for this, but I wouldn’t be surprised!

The secret best part of Japanese 7-Eleven is the refrigerator full of little bottles of remedies.

Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

That one is specifically for hangovers, and it’s a lifesaver.

They don’t sell just food at Japanese 7-Elevens — they also sell clothing and home goods.

They sell these cool little beard groomers…

…a selection of face masks that beauty addicts swear by…

…flashy handkerchiefs…

…big ol’ bags of shampoo…

…Hello Kitty diaries…

…adorable boxes of tissues…

…and United States of Benetton condoms.

To sum it up, you could basically live in a Japanese 7-Eleven.

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Because last but not least, they even have free Wi-Fi.

Sopa Images / SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

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