Weird Things Dead Family Members Left TikTok

“So, my grandmother didn’t identify as a witch, but she was into some witchy shit. I inherited this very old silver mirror when my grandmother passed away and I would have it out a lot at first because I would just be admiring it — it is beautiful. Yeah, well, if I would ever leave it out overnight, it would always be somewhere different than where I left it in the morning. Usually, I would put it on a completely flat surface and somehow, throughout the night, it would end up on the floor. First, I kind of just brushed it off and thought that maybe I was just remembering wrong. But then it continued to happen over a period of a couple of weeks, until one day I watched it just slide off of my completely level desk. Then I talked to somebody that had a bit more knowledge than I did about entities and different things like that. Long story short, my grandma left me a mirror with an entity attached to it.

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