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If you’re mixing cocktails for friends and don’t want to keep going to the freezer for ice, an ice bucket is essential.

“I tend to use them for entertaining,” said Julie Reiner, a founder of Social Hour Cocktails and an owner of the bars Clover Club and Leyenda, in Brooklyn. “I use one when I’m making cocktails at home, or if I have parties and want to leave the ice out.”

For a long-lasting supply of ice, an insulated model with a lid is preferable. One with an internal drain grate is even better.

But there is also style to consider when you’re furnishing a home bar. That’s why Ms. Reiner keeps a couple of ice buckets at home: an insulated Crafthouse model with a drain grate for performance and an ornate, antique glass one that makes a decorative statement.

After all, part of the pleasure of serving cocktails is the spectacle. And “a nice-looking ice bucket,” Ms. Reiner said, “is a great thing to have.”

  • How large should an ice bucket be? “I tend to use a smaller one,” Ms. Reiner said, “because I’d rather refill it than have the ice get too melted.”

  • Is an ice bucket the same as a champagne bucket or wine cooler? Not exactly: An ice bucket holds ice to put in drinks, Ms. Reiner said, while the others are meant to chill bottles (although some can do double duty).

  • Is a good handle important? It’s not essential, but it may make life easier when you’re moving the bucket around the house or carrying it outside.

Double-walled stainless-steel ice bucket with drain grate and acacia-wood top

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