Sebastian Stan Girlfriend Alejandra Onieva Birthday Instagram

I guess you could say I Sebastian STAN their relationship (Wocka Wocka)!

Y’all know Sebastian Stan, right? Talented actor, beloved Winter Soldier, and keeper of an absolutely hilarious Instagram account?

Well, what you might NOT have known is that Sebastian has been dating fellow actor Alejandra Onieva since early 2020!

ANYWAY, this week Sebastian posted a video* to celebrate Alejandra’s birthday, and — without exaggeration — it’s just about the cutest damn thing I’ve ever seen in my damn life. No, really. Please, just enjoy:

The adorable lil’ short — aptly titled, “Life Is Beautiful” — walks us through a day in Sebastian and Alejandra’s relationship during quarantine. They’re separated, and he has nothing but a photo of her on his phone to hang out with.

Sebastian Stan/@imsebastianstan

11/10, relatable 2020–21 content.

They wake up and eat breakfast together…

Sebastian Stan/@imsebastianstan

…do some yoga…

Sebastian Stan/@imsebastianstan

…he throws a ball directly at her face, like you do when you’re in love…

Sebastian Stan/@imsebastianstan

…and then the whole thing culminates in a very romantic date night dance party, and they’ve! Got! Moves!

Sebastian Stan/@imsebastianstan

OK, so was that not JUST ABOUT AS CUTE AS A BASKET FULL OF PUPPIES WEARIN’ HATS BEING CARRIED BY BETTY WHITE?! That was some cute stuff right there!

“Happy Birthday, [Alejandra],” he wrote in the video’s description. “Over a year ago, out of a lot of darkness…you became the light. 🔥 I’m so grateful. 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻”

Sebastian Stan/@imsebastianstan

The hashtags read: #2020, #loveinthetimeofcovid, and #quarantinenights!

And OF COURSE Alejandra thought it was adorable too, commenting, “The love you give me is the most beautiful gift this life has given me, te quiero!”

Alejandra Onieva/@ale_onieva

Help! I have hearts where my eyes should be!!!

So I guess you could say we Sebastian STAN this relationship! Amirite?!

Sebastian Stan/@imsebastianstan

A joke so nice, I made it twice!

In conclusion: Ladies and gentlemen, if your S.O. isn’t willing to make a silent short film to cement their eternal, undying love for you and post it to Instagram for all to see — dump ’em.

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