Samara Weaving On Snake Eyes, Ready Or Not, And More

6. How did you get involved with Snake Eyes?

I auditioned two years ago now. We filmed it all before the pandemic, so it’s a really long time ago now. I auditioned for it, and pretty soon after that they called me. It was very exciting because who doesn’t want to play a comic book character?

BuzzFeed: Did you know much about the G.I. Joe world beforehand?

I mean, I knew of G.I Joe because, like, when you think of America I feel like it’s G.I. Joe and apple pie [laughing]. But I didn’t really have a deep knowledge of it besides the basic understanding. I didn’t grow up with the comic books or the toys or anything. So it was a learning experience for me, and learning about Scarlett was really fun.

7. What’s your favorite behind-the-scenes memory from filming Snake Eyes?

Most of my scenes are with Úrsula [Corberó] and we just would not stop laughing. We’d laugh at the most inappropriate times as well. It would be a very serious scene and she would do something off camera or I would try and get her back. We kind of had this back and forth of making each other laugh. It was really funny.

Also, we were the only two that really had these superhero suits. They are quite impractical, even though they look awesome. Louise [Mingenbach, the costume designer] did an incredible job building them, but you kind of can’t really move in them very well. So Úrsula and I would just be walking around set looking like statues and toppling each other over. I’ve got some good videos of us just trying to sit down in chairs. It was a good time.

8. What was the stunt training process like for Snake Eyes?

The training was awesome. I did a lot of my own training before. So, they were filming in Vancouver for a while and then went to Japan. I went for two months kind of at the tail end of the shoot. So before that, I wanted to try and get as tough as possible. So I worked with a personal trainer, Dan Adair, who got me into really good shape. I’ve never been that buff before.

Then, when I got to set, it was pretty intense stunt training and choreographing the fight sequences. I had a terrific stunt double, Jackie Geurts, who made me look very, very cool. It was such a blast. It was so fun.

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