Police arrest man at Beverly Hills rally for President Trump

Beverly Hills police arrested two men on suspicion of battery Saturday at a rally of Trump supporters at Beverly Gardens Park.

No details were available involving the afternoon arrest of a man who police said was wearing a Trump hat.

A video clip posted to Twitter Saturday evening by a Beverly Hills Courier reporter shows police officers handcuffing a Trump supporter after he appears to push a counterprotester.

Supporters of President Trump have been holding weekend rallies in Beverly Hills for weeks.

More than 50 police officers from Beverly Hills and nearby cities were on hand for Saturday’s demonstration by roughly 250 Trump fans. They lined Santa Monica Boulevard, waving large American flags and “Trump 2020” banners and then marched down Cañon Drive.

About 60 counterprotesters, some holding Black Lives Matter and “Power to the People” banners, later marched down the boulevard and gathered at Roxbury Park.

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