People Share Pics With Celebs

Featuring a lot of your faves…

On Sunday, sports marketer Chris Grosse asked people on Twitter to share a picture with someone “slightly more famous than you.”

It basically led to people sharing photos they took with super-famous people, and they’re really fun to see. Here are some of the best photos people shared:


Janina Gavankar:

I planned for a regular pic and this is what I got. 🤣 @Janina


Idina Menzel:

“Slightly” is a massive understatement but my theatre kid heart will take any opportunity to remember this moment 🥰


Troye Sivan:

I sometimes forget this is a part of my life that happened @troyesivan


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:


Janet Jackson:

She’s WAAAAY more famous. In fact she is super famous, I am not at all. Still, here’s me and my fave @JanetJackson! Any reason to show my pic of me and #JanetJackson will do! ❤️#JanFam


Rico Nasty:

i look like such a damn child in this but 🙈🙈😍😍 @Rico_nastyy


Anthony Davis:

@Chris_Grosse Me with NBA champion Anthony Davis in my restaurant. My mom asked me why I was sitting down in this picture…

Lucky them! You can see some more pics with celebs in the full thread here!

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