Maggie Gyllenhaal Says Her Ideas Are Rarely Valued

“It’s very rare that somebody values my ideas.”

Maggie Gyllenhaal has learned to keep her ideas to herself — all because of how women are treated in Hollywood.

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The actor, who is about to make her directorial debut with The Lost Daughter, recently explained that she tends to keep to herself because her ideas are so infrequently valued by others.

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“As an actress…it’s very rare that somebody values my ideas. They will say they do but people are irritated by actresses with a lot of ideas,” Maggie told the New York Times.

She continued, “I’m not an idiot, and so I mostly keep them to myself.”

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Maggie went on to mention her female cohorts who may feel similarly, like Olivia Colman, who stars in The Lost Daughter.

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“Olivia really didn’t like to talk about much. I wonder, actually, if it’s because it was relatively recently that she got power as an actress, if she feels similarly to the way I feel,” Maggie noted.

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She later added, “I remember asking Olivia if she likes to rehearse, and she said, ‘I don’t, actually,’ and I totally relate to that.”

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Olivia hasn’t publicly responded to the comments, but you can read all that Maggie had to say here.

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