Lil Nas X Trial With Nike Troll To Promote New Song

A troll wise beyond his years.

Lil Nas X is doing what he does best: trolling his haters and making money at the same time.

He was being torn apart because of the scene where he gives Satan a lap dance.

To promote the song, he teamed up with MSCHF to launch “Satan Shoes” — a sneaker themed after the video featuring Nike’s logo. Well, Nike wasn’t too happy about it because they “had nothing to do” with the shoe creation, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Since Lil Nas X is literally the king of turning pain into profit, he, of course, used all of this controversy to promote his upcoming single, “Industry Baby” — featuring Jack Harlow and produced by Kanye West — by elaborately joking on social media about an upcoming “court date” and potentially “going to jail.”

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“Always stay gracious, the best revenge is your paper.” Beyoncé would be proud.

Followed by other similar TikTok variations…all of which feature a snippet of his new song, btw.

And then there was this series of truly golden tweets.

i gotta get big and sexy incase it’s some cute niggas in jail

@LilNasX/status / Via Twitter: @LilNasX

My personal fave:

all jokes aside i can’t believe i might be going to jail. who’s going to make mildly funny tweets about being gay while i’m away

@LilNasX / Via Twitter: @LilNasX

And since his fan base always understands the assignment, they took it one step further: “#FreeLilNasX” began trending on Twitter Monday to prolong the joke and simultaneously create hype for the new song.

@expiredpies / Via Twitter: @expiredpies

If you aren’t fully convinced Lil Nas X is the king of PR (and comedy) by now, then you’re wrong. Sorry.

“Industry Baby” drops Friday. Stream Lil Nas X for clear skin!

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