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Jung and Kimchee debate where to put the former Kim’s Convenience freezer in their apartment. Jung reasons, “When I come in with groceries, I don’t want to wander all over the place. I want to go dry zone, cold zone, fro-zone.” Kimchee counters, “Okay, check it out. I’m sitting here, watching the game and… Uh-oh, I want a pizza pop. Reach in, grab one, don’t miss a thing.” Jung retorts, “You’re gonna eat it frozen?” Without missing a beat, Kimchee enthusiastically replies, “We’re gonna need a microwave out here.”

Pizza pops are like mini panzerotti or mini calzones filled with pizza ingredients. Commercially made pizza pops are pre-cooked and frozen when bought. They are usually warmed up in the microwave although an oven can also be used. Paul Faraci invented this uniquely Canadian snack in 1964 after he was influenced by a customer to try panzerotti (a savory pastry or turnover that is like a mini calzone; the singular form is panzerotto and the plural form is panzerotti).

Faraci recalled that the panzerotto “was not a great item. The crust was very thick and there was very little sauce, very little flavor.” Inspired, Faraci experimented with the recipe for years before successfully selling them to stores. He joined forces with some business partners who eventually bought him out in 1980 and sold the company to the Pillsbury brand of General Mills.

Pillsbury’s repertoire of Pizza Pops include Pizza Pops Hawaiian, Deluxe, Three Meat, Three Cheese, Pepperoni, Pepperoni and Bacon, and Bacon Mac and Cheese Special Edition, among other items (Poutine was offered in the past; see #12). According to General Mills, pizza pops is “Canada’s number one selling pizza snack.”

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