Ice-T “Came” Back With The Ultimate Twitter Comeback

If you don’t like him, just block him.

But there’s *one* very good person who keeps it very real and very cool on the platform.

Chillin… Playin Video Games, Watching movies, Talkin a little shit on Twitter, Stayin out the way.

Twitter: @finallevel

Besides ending random trolls, he’s also, just like, funny.

Naked and Afraid is just plain stupid. In what situation would you be stuck ButtNaked in the Jungle?? F that! ‘I watch it though!’ Lol


He’s appreciative of his fans.

Hey… I gotta LOVE you for that compliment.. My character just tries to mind his own business.. Kinda like me in real life. Thanks 🙏


And he has good opinions about McDonald’s fries.

McDonalds Fries 🍟 have a delicious time window of about 10mins hot. Then they turn into ANTIMATTER. Just sayin….


And now I’d like to talk about one recent comeback that caught my attention, because the man is a damn pro.

Nbc / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

So yeah, if you come for Ice, just don’t be like the others and delete your tweet.


And if you can’t handle the heat, just unfollow.

NOTICE: If you have a problem with ANYTHING I post or say…. SIMPLY unfollow me. Hate me.. And remove me from your life.. Thank you very much… Have a great day.


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