Chris Kirkpatrick Recalled Not Being Fond Of AJ McLean

Chris spilled all the tea!

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During a recent interview with Variety, Kirkpatrick recalled his friendship with McLean and said there was once a time he couldn’t stand being around the musician.

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“There was a time when I couldn’t be in the same room with this guy,” Kirkpatrick said. “But there’s always been a mutual respect, and now that we’re all parents, we’ve grown up.”

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Kirkpatrick also talked about the boy band era and said his band had a really “symbiotic relationship” with other groups like “98 Degrees,” “Backstreet Boys,” and “O-Town.”

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“It’s pretty much like the Three Stooges,” McLean added in the joint interview.

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But when 98 Degrees’ Jeff Timmons said that there really wasn’t much competition between boy bands in the early 2000s, Kirkpatrick quickly disagreed.

“That’s a lie!” he said. “Back in the day, there was competitiveness. There were underlying things that we all had. I was afraid of you!”

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LOL. Just hearing Kirkpatrick, McLean, and Timmons reminisce about the past feels like I’m already in a time machine.

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