Britney Spears Nude Photo Instagram

Basically, that means Britney can do, say, and post whatever the hell she wants.

And she did just that on Friday by posting this fire mirror pic:

She captioned the pic, “Free woman energy has never felt better.”

People loved it and were not here for any Britney slander:

Britney Spears being able to do whatever the hell she wants 🗣️ WAS 🗣️ THE 🗣️ ENTIRE 🗣️ POINT 🗣️ OF 🗣️ THIS

Twitter: @JarettSays

It’s true, though! Britney has always pushed the needle and been true to herself. She’s Britney fucking Spears!

Kmazur / WireImage / Getty

Keep slaying and posting whatever you want, Brit.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

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