Billie Lourd Shares Sweet Photos Of Her Son Breastfeeding

Happy nine months to Billie’s little one!

While it might seem like only yesterday Billie Lourd revealed that she’d successfully kept her pregnancy hidden from public view, that sweet and surprising Instagram photo of her and Austen Rydell’s newborn (well, just his feet) actually made its way onto social media about nine months ago.

Billie commemorated her son Kingston’s latest monthly milestone in another Instagram post shared on Tuesday, which included two black-and-white photos of the actor breastfeeding.

Beside a string of emojis spelling out “9 months,” she wrote, “#iNsTaGrAm vs #reality of breastfeeding a 9 month old” in reference to each snapshot’s respective mood. Although Billie looked happy in both, the first photo appeared to catch her and Kingston enjoying a slightly more peaceful moment than the second.

Billie is the latest celeb to offer a candid look at the reality of feeding a new baby. Last spring, Hilary Duff and Emily Ratajkowski spoke openly about their experiences breastfeeding and how challenging it can be.

This is all just another reminder that you can never know what it’s like for a mom to feed a baby unless it’s your own — and there’s no right way to feed a baby. Some people aren’t able to breastfeed; some choose not to; and some try before deciding it isn’t for them. Either way, Billie and Kingston’s 9-month portraits are really, really precious.

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