Best Mocktails And Zero-Proof Cocktail Recipes I Make Again And Again

• There are so many brands out there making creative zero-proof liquor. These are spirits meant to mirror the taste and feel of their alcoholic counterparts — without, of course, actual alcohol.

• In most of the recipes below, I use either Seedlip or Lyre’s because personally, they’re my favorite of all the non-alcoholic spirits I’ve tried. That being said, you can use whatever non-alcoholic spirits you like best or just omit them altogether.

I use basic bar tools like a jigger, shaker, and strainer for most of these recipes, but you can work with what you have. Use a tablespoon to measure ingredients, a mason jar to shake cocktails with ice, and a sieve or mesh strainer if you don’t have bar tools.

• Get creative! You can take pretty much any cocktail recipe and turn it into a mocktail. If you have a non-alcoholic spirit, swap that in for the booze or just use all the non-alcoholic components plus juice or a splash of club soda. Making a mocktail is the perfect opportunity to experiment and try new flavor combinations.

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