B.J. Novak Got Sent Mindy Kaling’s Signature Cocktail

What do you do when you’re a fan of The Office and see B.J. Novak at a bar? You send him a drink, obviously.

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And if you’re a REALLY big fan, you send him a seven and seven with eight maraschino cherries.

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That’s exactly what happened to the actor recently, who shared the hilarious moment on Instagram with the caption “IYKYK.”

In case you’re a little dusty on The Office trivia, the beverage was the signature drink of Mindy Kaling’s character, Kelly, who dated B.J.’s character on and off throughout the series.

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A  “seven and seven with eight maraschino cherries, sugar on the rim, blended if you can,” to be specific.

While the drink might have been missing the “sugar on the rim” that Kelly usually requested, the cast couldn’t help but obsess over the gesture.

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Mindy herself even chimed in, writing, “I feel seen.”

Although it’s unknown if B.J. got the chance to meet the superfans who sent him the drink, I’m pretty sure he’s about to be offered a seven and seven a lot more often.

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