Andie MacDowell’s Managers Didn’t Like Her Gray Hair

“I said, ‘I think you’re wrong.'”

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But even though she looked incredible, MacDowell said she got a lot of pushback from her managers for changing her hair color in a new interview with Vogue.

“During lockdown, I had a lot of downtime and became obsessed with Jack Martin, who did Jane Fonda’s hair,” she explained. “I shared those pictures with a lot of people going, ‘Hey, I want to do this.’”

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“And then, she got a job and ‘very quickly I had to make up my mind about what I was going to do,” MacDowell continued.

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The Dashing in December star said she conferred with her managers who told her that “it’s not time” to change her hair to gray.

“I said, ‘I think you’re wrong, and I’m going to be more powerful if I embrace where I am right now,’” she remembered telling them. “‘It’s time because in two years I’m going to be 65.’”

“‘If I don’t do it now, I won’t have the chance to be salt and pepper,’” MacDowell added. “I always wanted to be salt and pepper!”

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After taking a big leap and changing her hair gray, MacDowell felt like she was more comfortable in her skin.

“I somehow feel like I look younger because it looks more natural. It’s not like I’m trying to hide something,” she explained. “I think that it’s a power move, and that’s what I kept telling my managers. It’s exactly what I need to be doing right here.”

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“At first I was so cautious,” the Groundhog Day star continued. “But then once I did it, it was just so clear to me that my instincts were right because I’ve never felt more powerful.”

“I feel more honest. I feel like I’m not pretending.”

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Hats off to MacDowellfor taking a chance on herself. She looks more beautiful than ever!

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