Abigail Breslin Fights Back Following Mask Criticism

“To say my dad died because he was ‘weak’ is something I will not tolerate.”

Abigail Breslin doesn’t care what anyone has to say about her choice to mask up.

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Earlier this week, the actor and musician shared a photo of herself wearing a mask during a trip to Las Vegas — and some anti-maskers didn’t approve.

Abigail, whose father passed away after a battle with COVID-19 last year, finally decided to clap back after one commenter called her a “pathetic loser.”

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“That pathetic loser would be me, someone who lost their dad due to someone not wearing a mask and giving him COVID. You can kindly go fuck off now,” Abigail responded.

She even shared her comment on her Instagram feed, adding, “Sorry not sorry. Although I love ignorant comments (sarcasm obviously), I just can’t tolerate it from someone with the username ‘chesty1987.'”

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And while you would think “chesty1987” would back down after Abigail’s response, they only doubled down on their rude remarks.

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“I’m pretty sure wearing a mask isn’t going to save anyones life lol. Clearly I know more than her if she thinks someone who wasn’t wearing a mask killed her father when in reality he was weak,” the commenter wrote.

Abigail didn’t directly respond to the disgusting comment made about her father but again shared their post to her feed.

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“To say my dad died because he was ‘weak’ is something I will not tolerate,” Abigail wrote on Instagram, asking fans to report the user for their hateful messages.

Thankfully, Abigail was met with tons of support from fans —and it appears the user has since been banned by Instagram.

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