A doctor will perform a pretaped ‘medical evaluation’ of Trump on Tucker Carlson’s show tonight.

President Trump has yet to release specifics about his coronavirus infection or details of his care, but he plans to appear on Fox News Friday night for a medical “evaluation” on Tucker Carlson’s TV show — in what will likely be among the most watched tele-health sessions in history.

It will be Mr. Trump’s “first on-camera interview appearance” since disclosing his coronavirus diagnosis last week, according to a statement on Fox News’s website.

The event is being pretaped; the president is not appearing live, a spokeswoman for the network said.

The physician conducting the exam is Dr. Marc Siegel, a Fox News contributor who suggested in 2016, without evidence and without conducting a personal exam, that Hillary Clinton might be suffering from lingering effects of a concussion that could compromise her fitness to serve.

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