40 Cooking Fails And Crimes People Have Committed


“My grandmother is not only a terrible cook, but a dangerous one. She got a recipe for Crock-Pot chili from a friend and made a huge batch for the week. It was just me, her, my grandfather, and my little sister.”

“On the first day, it was surprisingly good! On the second day, it was a little off…but not terrible. On the third day, it was foul, nasty gloop. She complained that I was a ‘horrible ungrateful child,’ so I choked it down and spent the night painfully puking. On the fourth day, the dreaded chili was, once again, dinner…but now it had changed. It was visibly and audibly foaming, like cheap beer that had been shaken. I asked if it had gone bad, and my grandmother vehemently denied it — ‘it had been in the Crock-Pot the whole time, so it had to be fine.’

The meat slurry was beyond rotten — it had fermented. My grandfather ordered a pizza. My grandmother went to her room to sulk. The three of us had pizza in silence, having narrowly escaped death by chili.”


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