31 Target Items For People Who Love The Kitchen

If your kitchen is the heart of your home, you may as well fill it with things that make you happy.

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1. A pair of colorful dish towels with a playful pineapple print, so even your dishes can get in on the fun. I mean, just look at it. That anthropomorphic pineapple is delightful.

Promising review: “I love the summer vibe these towels bring to my kitchen. Great deal for two dish towels!” —cici

Price: $6

2. A stoneware spoon rest from Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Hearth & Hand with Magnolia collection that tells you exactly what it’s for. It’s dishwasher-safe, too, so whether you use it for delicate coffee spoons or sauce-covered slotted numbers, getting it clean is a breeze. 

Promising review: “Love this little spoon rest. Mine was delivered without flaw or defect. Large enough to fit my largest cooking utensil but small enough to fit in the narrow space by my stove. I have already purchased more to give as gifts along with coffee cups. This little guy would be perfect for a coffee spoon!” –Target reviewer

Price: $2.99

3. A kitchen cart with a granite top that’ll add more counterspace and more storage to your kitchen with a ton of panache. This piece features a flat shelf, a shelf with grooves that’ll keep wine bottles in place a drawer, and a wire basket shelf, so it can accommodate virtually anything you need easy access to while you’re cooking. Plus, it’s got wheels and brakes, so you can roll it around when you need to and park it when you don’t want it going anywhere.

Promising review: “Love this cart! It was exactly what we were looking for in our new apartment. Extra space to free up our kitchen counter. What’s great is we can also take out the tray and store larger appliances underneath like a blender. Didn’t take long to put together. Great for the price.” –AD

Price: $105.99+ (available in four colors)

4. An expandable bamboo flatware organizer, so you can finally get your cutlery drawer under control. With six slots of varying sizes, it can fit every variety of kitchen tool, no matter its dimensions – and when it’s expanded, it yields an additional four inches of organizational space. Wowzers.

Promising review: “Excellent silverware tray. Looks stylish, has super functional capability. It works really well in organizing my knives, forks, spoons of all sizes. The expanding capability is a nice touch.” –Plum

Price: $20

5. Or, a compact cutlery organizer, if your drawer space is at a premium. This efficient little accessory stacks your flatware in a tidy, orderly fashion that makes the most of small storage spaces. 

Promising review: “So glad I bought this silverware organizer! Takes up very little room in drawer. Everything easily visible. No more heaps of silver.” –Kbb

Price: $9.99

6. A KitchenAid stand mixer, because the perfect marriage of form and function is a beautiful thing. Beloved of bakers everywhere, this kitchen staple can do everything from cream butter in 30 seconds flat (source: me; I do this with mine all the time and I love it for it) to whip up a gorgeous meringue in minutes – and it looks darn good doing it, too. 

Promising review: “Fantastic product! I’m so glad that I got this mixer. It amazing. I was using a handheld for a long time, should have bought this years ago… buying this has completely changed how I’m able to bake!” –Target reviewer

Price: $379.99 (available in three colors)

7. Or, a KitchenAid hand mixer, because you don’t always need to break out the big guns to get your bake on. More compact and easier to store than its stand-up counterpart – but just as pretty! – this five-speed mixer can handle just about anything you throw at it. 

Promising review: “Excellent mixer. Though it is small (and relatively lightweight), it handles mixing tasks that have been a challenge for prior mixers: cookie dough, fudge, cake batters with fruit or nuts, etc. Worth paying a little more for good quality.” –Cat Food Fans

Price: $44.99 (originally $49.99, available in two colors)

8. A loveable rhinoceros cookie jar to dress up your counters with the ideal amount of whimsy. And hey, even though this ceramic beastie is meant for cookies, that doesn’t mean you can’t stash other stuff in it, too – it’s good for snacks, odds and ends, you name it.

Promising review:Smaller than anticipated, but I love it! Packed full of mini raisin boxes and mini granola and Lara bars, this makes my child go for a healthy snack just to reach inside the rhino!” –Target reviewer

Price: $19.99

9. An adorable and handy measurement conversions sign that’ll help you make any adjustments your recipe might call for, even if you don’t have a head for numbers. With sturdy iron construction and a smart hanging chain, this is one piece of kitchen décor you’ll always want around.

Promising review: ” I put this little sign in my pantry. I’m very happy I found it. Cute and functional… that’s a win for me!”  –Allison

Price: $7.99

10. A cast-iron Dutch oven from Lodge, because you don’t need to spend hundreds for a solid, aesthetically-pleasing piece of cookware. I have this 6-quart beauty, and honestly, it is one of my favorite things in my kitchen; it heats just as well and cooks just as evenly as pricier options (ask me about my newfound love of no-knead bread!) – and it looks stunning even when it’s just sitting out on the stovetop. Bonus points for the included matching trivet!

Promising review: “I use this mostly for baking bread, and it does a perfect job. Bread comes out light and fluffy, no scorching at all. And the enamel is super easy to clean after it cools. This is a perfect alternative to the more expensive Dutch ovens out there. Mine is still going strong.” –Target reviewer

Price: $69.99 (available in two colors)

11. An Instant Pot Duo, because no kitchen is complete without one these days. This ubiquitous, seven-in-one appliance not only pressure cooks, but also slow cooks, makes rice and yogurt, steams veggies and other foods, sautés things, and keeps it all warm if it finishes cooking before you’re ready to eat. There’s a reason this handy item has basically taken over the home culinary landscape!

Promising review: “Easy to learn and use. Works GREAT! Very reliable. Love the pressure cooking the best, but is great for rice and slow cooking, too. I’ve been using mine for several yrs now and still loving it. Bought this for a family member who didn’t think he’d use it and didn’t cook much but he jumped in right away and is loving it and feeling more confident in the kitchen than ever!” –Target reviewer

Price: $99.99

12. A Bodum pour-over coffee maker, so you can indulge in a relaxing coffee break whenever you want. With a capacity of 34 ounces, or about eight cups, this simple yet beautiful coffee maker brews enough for you to share with all your favorite people. 

Promising review: “I love it. I hesitated because I didn’t want to clean or break the glass carafe but I wanted to be able to make multiple cups. (I also have the OXO pour-over cone for single servings). I have had this for a week and I’m not disappointed. It is easy to wash and use; the glass feels light, but I have not had issues with breaking it. And it looks great on the counter when not in use.” –Mel

Price: $19.99

13. A really nice trash can, because yes, even your litter receptacle can be a part of your kitchen’s design scheme. Simplehuman’s slim, semi-round option holds up to 50 liters of…stuff…and even better, you can open it hands-free, thanks to the handy-dandy foot pedal.

Promising review: “This is an all-around awesome garbage can. Works great. Looks great. Spend the extra and get yourself a nice garbage can.” –Jeff

Price: $49.99 

14. Or, a programmable 14-cup Cuisinart coffee maker, because sometimes you need to a little more fuel in the tank before you’re ready to start the day. This sleek, high-tech option comes equipped with tons of useful features, like a self-cleaning setting, a two-hour auto-shutoff, and an adjustable capacity setting for those times when you do only want a cup or two. Let’s hear it for versatility! 

Promising review: “It has great features, loving the sound to let you know when it’s ready to brew and when it’s done brewing. It also has a sound turnoff function. I like the bold taste feature. It’s easy to pour water [into], comes with one charcoal filter (soak in cold water for 15 min), and [has] so many other functions. The best part is even after the two-hour shutoff, it stayed hot/warm for an additional one to two hours. Easy to set up and even came with a set of three cone filters. Great size and nice large pot.” –jaiyo

Price: $99.99

15. A charming little stoneware utensil holder from Target’s Threshold line, so you can keep all your most-used cooking tools close at hand. The intricate gray-and-white pattern on this piece is versatile enough to go with any décor style – and it’s got plenty of space for your favorite spatulas, slotted spoons, whisks, and more.  

Promising review: “My expectations weren’t all that high for this being $13, but I love it! It’s subtle and fits my decor. Lots of room for utensils! It’s larger than it appears in the photos.” –Delaney

Price: $13

16. A trio of stainless-steel mixing bowls that’ll see you through thick and thin, no matter what you’re whipping up in them. The set includes a small, two-quart bowl; a medium one that holds 4 quarts; and a large one with a capacity six quarts. They also all a) nest together, and b) have a grippy, silicone layer on the bottom to keep ‘em in place while you work. 

Promising review: “A kitchen staple. I love these mixing bowls. I wanted stainless steel so they would last forever (like my mom’s) plus these have grip on the bottom. They don’t budge if I am using my mixer without holding the bowl in place.” –Target reviewer

Price: $20

17. A pair of Greenpan ceramic nonstick frying pans, so you’ll never have to worry about accidentally ruining breakfast again. Thanks to the ceramic coating, eggs, pancakes, and more just slide right out, even if you don’t grease the pan before cooking them. And with two sizes included in the set – one eight-inch pan and one 10-inch one – you’ll always have the right piece for the job.

Promising review: “This is the best purchase I’ve made in a long time. These pans are so easy to use and clean. I can cook eggs and vegetables without any oil or butter. They rinse or wipe clean with no scrubbing required. So easy. Plus the color is fun.” –MR

Price: $35.99 (originally $39.99)

18. And a Lodge cast-iron skillet, because if you want to brown or sear a good steak or what have you, nonstick just won’t cut it. This sizeable, 12-inch pick comes pre-seasoned, too, so you can get cooking sooner. (It’s also available in a 10.25-inch size, by the way, if you have smaller burners on your stove.)

Promising review: “This is my first-cast iron purchase ever and the Lodge brand came highly recommended for beginners. The size and weight of this one is doable, and not wrist-breaking. Price and value is amazing. We’ve used it countless times now for steak and other dishes that need a crisp bottom formed. It cleans up easy and we just apply a thin coat of oil at the end. We will be using this for years to come so it’s already paid for itself a few times over by now.” –Syd

Price: $29.90

19. A set of three nesting stoneware baking dishes that are perfect for everything from cobblers to casseroles. Not only do they come in three pretty blue shades, they’re all microwave- and dishwasher-safe, too.

Promising review: “I was in need of a set of baking dishes and saw this cute little set online. The sizes are perfect, and they feel very solid. The design and colors are simple but pretty. I used the largest dish to bake enchiladas last night and it worked perfectly. It was also very easy to clean. I definitely recommend these if you’re in the market for some new bakeware.” –Rachel

Price: $35

20. Some hanging mason jar wall sconces, because who says your storage solutions can’t also be cute? These little jars can help keep your favorite kitchen tools easy to reach… or you can stash freshly-picked herbs in them… or you can use them as tea light holders to bring a little magic to your space… the possibilities are endless!

Promising review: “They are perfect decorating my apartment with the farmhouse look! Plants bring out the wall. Will buy more.”  –Target reviewer

Price: $12.59

21. A rustic, two-tier cake stand reviewers say is good for more than just cakes. From the Hearth & Hand with Magnolia line (Chip and Joanna Gaines strike again), this quietly stunning wood-and-metal piece makes as good a coffee bar accessory or countertop organizer as it does a display surface for baked goods.

Promising review: “This is a beautiful addition to my coffee bar. It is exactly the right height, so it does not interfere with my opening the top cabinet door. Because my coffee bar is not very spacious, the stand allows me to put necessary items in a refined area. It is beautiful in my new white kitchen.” –Beautiful

Price: $32.99

22. An old-fashioned salt cellar that can go from countertop to tabletop with ease, thanks to the fact that it’s, y’know, adorable. Made of stoneware and dishwasher-safe, this cute little container can hold up to 350 ml of salt. (There’s a pepper cellar to match available, too, by the way.)

Promising review: “Cute and useful. Never knew I needed this so much until we got it! Love the design and looks nice on the counter.” –Target reviewer

Price: $5.99

23. A gold-tone aluminized steel bakeware set, because there are few things more satisfying than matching kitchen gear that’s also super duper functional. This six-piece set includes a loaf pan, a round cake pan, a rectangular cake pan, a muffin tin, a cookie sheet, and a cooling rack, all of which heat evenly and release items with minimal sticking. Who’s ready for some cupcakes?

Promising review: “Great everyday bakeware. Love this set! The quality is very good and the design is beautiful. Very sturdy and heavy for such a great price. I was pleasantly surprised and thankful I bought them!” –Target reviewer

Price: $40

24. And a silicone baking mat that will make sure nothing sticks to your cookie sheet again. Ever. Seriously – if you do a lot of baking and you haven’t gotten yourself one of these yet, do yourself a favor and grab one. Any and all oh-no-my-cookies-are-literally-glued-to-the-pan disasters will immediately become but a memory of the distant past.

Promising review: “Easy to use and clean. I have really enjoyed using this instead of parchment or foil when lining trays. Nothing sticks to this; even if a sauce gets on it, I set it in the bottom of my sink while I wash other dishes, and by the time I’m done the sauce slips right off.” –Target reviewer

Price: $8    

25. An Air Fryer that looks like a fancy piece of alien technology, and also includes among its highlights the phrase, “fits 16 oz. of french fries.” (Music to my ears!) This single-basket model has a capacity of five quarts, so you can use it to crisp up whatever your little heart desires. Bonus: As some reviewers point out, it is the perfect way to make dinner when it’s way too hot out to turn the oven or stove on. 

Promising review: “I was skeptical that an air fryer would work for fried foods. However, I’ve made several things so far, and it’s great. Just have to get used to some minor adjustments. The frozen shoestring potatoes were ‘better than McDonalds,’ according to my husband. Love the convenience of making a one-serving frittata. Mix up a beaten egg with some veggies and cheese in a ramekin, set it on 10–12 minutes and it’s perfect.” –Barbara

Price: $69.99 (originally $9.99)

26. A set of measuring spoons that are as pretty as they are functional. The measurement information is actually embossed on each spoon, so unlike printed or painted measurements, they’ll never fade, no matter how many times you put these sky blue babies through the dishwasher.

Promising review: “Cute addition to my kitchen. Sturdy material, cool color. The best part is that you can easily open the ring and detach the spoons from it. Moreover, the measurements are engraved in the spoon handle and not printed. I have other measurement spoons where the print just wears off. Also, for the price it’s great!!” –Purple

Price: $5.49

27. And some measuring cups to match, because why the heck not? Like the measuring spoons, these cups don’t just have the size information painted on the handles; the measurements part of the cups themselves, so you’ll never have to worry about them wearing away.  

Promising review: “Nice color, they feel durable and well-constructed, and the measurements are inset, or engraved, and not just printed on the surface.” –Spork wizard 423

Price: $4.99

28. A kitchen textile set that includes all the essentials any well-appointed cookspace needs. What’s more, kitchen towels, dish cloths, oven mitts, and potholders that make up the set are color-coordinated – and nothing helps a kitchen look cohesive and pulled-together like color-coordinated accessories.  

Promising review: “Good, sturdy fabric that’s kind of cute but more importantly serves the purpose. The towels and the potholders and oven mitt are nice and thick and the dishwashing clothes are well-made and have a kind of scrubby side on one side which is good for getting hard, stuck-on food off in a jiffy.” –Rlop

Price: $10

29. A glass storage canister (or two, or three, or…) that’ll help you keep all your decanted ingredients fresh and Instagram-worthy. This one is the small, 38-ounce size, but the wood-lidded canister is available in medium, large, and extra small sizes, too.

Promising review:These storage containers are amazing and looks great in my pantry. I use them for flours, pasta, polenta, etc. I am able to add and remove labels easily and they rubber seal keeps moisture out of the jars. At these prices I was able to organize my pantry, see what I am low on. and have everything match with a classy look.” –Bianca

Price: $10

30. An anti-fatigue kitchen mat in a classic buffalo check print, so you can ease your aching back and feet in style. This mat is nonslip and easy to wipe clean – and if you’ve never experienced the joys of an anti-fatigue mat, you’re in for a real treat, friends. 

Promising review: They are pleasantly squishy to stand on. They were a little smelly out of the box, but never made my kitchen smell. They also clean/wipe up nicely. I just wish they would come in different sizes. This size works perfectly for my stove area but I do prefer a little longer for the kitchen sink area. But being anti fatigue, nonslip, and the perfect buffalo print … they were a win-win.” –Target reviewer

Price: $24.99 (originally $29.99, available in two colors)

31. And a set of two playful serving platters, because once you’ve whipped up a drool-worthy meal, you’re going to need something snazzy to serve it on. Part of Target’s gorgeous Opalhouse line, this pair of melamine platters screams summer (metaphorically speaking, of course; not literally – that would be horrifying), making them perfect for all your outdoor entertaining needs. Pass the canapés! 

Promising review:Super cute design, seems very durable. Using as outside dishes for meals on the back porch. It’s held up great so far!” –Springishere

Price: $15

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The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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