25 Movies That Would’ve Ended Right Away If The Characters Acted Logically

“Dumbledore: ‘Harry, did you put your name in the goblet?’

“Harry: ‘No.’

“Dumbledore: “Okay, then you aren’t going to participate.’

“Harry: ‘But it’s a magical contract!’

“Dumbledore: ‘Yes, but we never really explained what that even means. Besides, you are a minor and can’t enter into a contract. We know that Voldemort is still alive and in the shadows, and it is super suspicious that you somehow entered the Triwizard Tournament without even meaning to. Ergo, this could be one of his cunning plots. It’s likely that one of Voldemort’s servants has infiltrated the school, so I will start personally investigating every teacher and student. Also, I am the greatest wizard to ever live, and I have the Elder Wand, so I can probably find a way to break this magical contract, too, anyway.’

“Harry: ‘Oh, OK, thank you, Professor Dumbledore.’

“Barty Crouch Jr.: ‘FUCK!'”


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