2012 Tumblr Celebrity Crushes Quiz

  1. Hopefully you know who that is even if you weren’t on Tumblr.

    Via Juan Naharro Gimenez / Getty Images

  2. Obviously, everyone should know who Beyoncé is, but using a Beyoncé gif in 2012 was really a power play.

    Via Kevin Mazur / WireImage via Getty Images

  3. Obviously he’s Tony Stark, but playing Sherlock Holmes didn’t hurt either.

    Via Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

  4. A quirky girl icon.

    Via Michael Tran / FilmMagic via Getty Images

  5. This man really called us a social experiment. The audacity.

    Via Tim Whitby / Getty Images

  6. Particularly beloved for his roles in Sherlock and the Hobbit trilogy.

    Via Dave M. Benett / Getty Images

  7. She kept telling everyone to stay in school, and we all only did it for her.

    Via Jennifer Polixenni Brankin / WireImage via Getty Images

  8. The Loki thirst was…unreal.

    Via Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

  9. I just remembered the term Cumberbitches. Give me a second to recover.

    Via Ian Walton / Getty Images

  10. Remember when Tumblr momentarily imploded because MCR broke up?

    Via Ross Gilmore / Redferns via Getty Images

  11. If you were still on Tumblr around 2015, you probably owe John Green a formal apology.

    Via Jerod Harris / WireImage via Getty Images

  12. Before Jumanji and Guardians of the Galaxy, she was Amy Pond.

    Via Ian Nicholson / PA Images via Getty Images

  13. If you had the pink sunnies, yikes. But also same.

    Via Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

  14. No matter the era, fangirls will always love Spock.

    Via Daniel Boczarski / WireImage via Getty Images

  15. If you remember the Mishapocalypse, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

    Via Chelsea Lauren / WireImage via Getty Images

  16. I’m still crying over Rose and Ten.

    Via Alan Crowhurst / Getty Images

  17. Remember everyone’s temporary obsession with his fez? Why would the Doctor even wear a fez?

    Via Wendy Redfern / Redferns via Getty Images

  18. Teen Wolf was just a baby fandom in 2012, but the thirst was already unreal.

    Via Larry Busacca / Getty Images

  19. The Vampire Diaries fandom is quiet but deadly. Absolutely ruined every “best ships” poll.

    Via Wendy Redfern / Redferns via Getty Images

  20. Sorry to all the Destiel shippers out there.

    Via Chelsea Lauren / WireImage via Getty Images

  21. Fannibals get it.

    Via Brooke Palmer / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

  22. Some of y’all owe this man an apology. You know who you are.

    Via Tara Ziemba / WireImage via Getty Images

  23. The sunglasses make it harder, but you had to know from the ukulele, right?

    Via Skip Bolen / WireImage via Getty Images

  24. This obsession was 90% that one Marauders fancast, right?

    Via Donato Sardella / WireImage via Getty Images

  25. In some ways, he really did speak for us.

    Via Vivien Killilea / WireImage via Getty Images

  26. We’ve all been trying to protect her since Hunger Games, and admittedly, we were never good at that.

    Via Kevin Winter / Getty Images

  27. Being in the Les Misérables fandom was just being a theater kid who was also emo.

    Via Jim Spellman / WireImage via Getty Images

  28. Please don’t call him daddy.

    Via Rob Kim / Getty Images

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