18 “Rich Kid Syndrome” Stories That Are Infuriating


The roommate who thought parents were just laptop dispensers:

“My parents bought me a laptop for my 18th birthday. It was absolutely unheard of in my family to receive gifts as expensive or technological. I cried when my mom handed me it. I was meant to be moving away for university and both my mom and dad had saved up 6 months wage between them to afford it for me. We all hugged and cried and it was extremely meaningful and emotional. I went off to university.

I was in the dorms one night when my dorm mate, who was a rich white boy from Long Island, brings back like two drunk girls and another friend. They start drinking and rolling up weed in the dorm, which I was fine with, it was university etc. I go to the bathroom down the hall, and when I get back, one of the drunk girls has opened my laptop and is trying to log in.

I approach her and I’m like, ‘Hey that’s my laptop, not (roommate’s). I don’t mind you using it, I guess, but let me just log you in to the guest account.’ She goes to move the laptop off her lap toward me, and knocks an open bottle of wine onto it, the entire laptop being flooded with wine.

She goes, ‘Oh! sorry!’ And I’m like what the fuck, dude? Get a fucking towel! Put it upside down! I’m FREAKING the fuck out!!!!! I can’t believe it’s happening. My roommate starts telling me to chill the fuck out and asks, ‘Can’t you just get a new one, dude?’

I start patting down the laptop and I ask them, please, if it doesn’t work, can you help me replace it? I need it for my classes, etc. They start laughing at me! Saying, ‘Why can’t your parents get a new one for you?’

It took two weeks of demanding them to buy me a new one before they reluctantly did as I had to explain to the dorm manager my situation… Luckily he was sympathetic as fuck and helped me arrange for a replacement.”


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