15 Random Celebrity Encounters That Are Very Wholesome

“I was drunk, bar hopping. It’s like 10 p.m. and I’m walking along to the next bar…and I’m like, that guy looks like Guy Fieri. He’s walking towards me, so as we pass, I give him a second look and I’m like, that guy really does look like Guy Fieri! I pass him, and a second later, I decide there’s no way that guy isn’t him. So, I turn around and shout, ‘Hey, you’re Guy Fieri!” He turns around, and he’s like, ‘Yeah!’ and I respond, ‘That’s cool!’ Then, I turn back and continue to where I was going because I realized I didn’t have anything more to say to him other than that. He was by himself, too. No entourage, no crowd. Nothing. I guess he might have been scouting out food spots in the area or something.”


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