11 Best Cheap Blenders For Smoothies And More In 2021

Because everyone knows that making a smoothie can solve most of your problems, these affordable (and powerful) blenders offer just the solution.

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A sleek and thin blender that will save you precious counter space.
But don’t be deceived: reviewers say this little guy is able to chop through frozen fruit, nuts, and ice just as well as any other blender.


The blender cup also detaches directly into a travel cup; just pop on the lid and you’re good to go. They’ll also send you a cleaning brush and ice tray for free!

Promising review: “We absolutely LOVE this blender!! It even chops up things like apples and kale (even when I’m not careful to remove the stems) into a smoothie with no problems. I was nervous about getting a blender that you flip in order to use because I had another one that would always get stuck, but this one is so smooth; it comes out without a problem! The single button is also SO nice. We don’t have to wonder which setting to use: just press and hold and voila, you have a tasty smoothie in a few seconds. The motor is so powerful in this little size blender, I couldn’t ask for a better one! I love how small it is. My old one was SO big I couldn’t keep it out, and it couldn’t handle a single kale stem, so it didn’t get much use. Overall we could not be happier. It works great, takes up next to no space and it had such a sleek design; we love to have it on display. The to-go tops are also perfect for us, and they don’t leak! We are thrilled with this and it is 100% worth the price. I’ve paid more for blenders that didn’t work nearly as well. If you’re unsure, definitely get this one, It works like a dream!” —S. Magee

Get it from Amazon for $29.99 (also available with extra cup).


A classic, ultra-compact mini Nutribullet perfect for small spaces or those who want a single-serving smoothie on the go.


It also comes with a short cup and a resealable lid!

Promising review: “After using this blender, I’m very impressed. Ever since I took the product out of the box, I was a little concerned that due to this item’s small size, it wouldn’t be very powerful. However, I was greatly proven wrong. This blender is extremely powerful! Within seconds, it blends just about anything together! There are even two different sizes of blending cups so that you have a choice of sizes when you’re blending something together! This is great for when I’m in a rush! I’ve already made a number of tasty smoothies with this! Additionally, I really like how this blender easily fits in my cabinet.” —May29

Get it from Nutribullet for $29.99


A Hamilton Beach personal blender great for blender newbies and casual smoothie-drinkers who want something small and simple.


This blender has a 175-watt motor and a 14-ounce cup, which makes it more compact and less powerful than some of the more heavy-duty blenders on this list.

Promising review: “I truly love this blender!!! I used to spend $6 to $7 on smoothies, not to mention having to be out and about in order to get one. I literally dump all my ingredients for the smoothie into this blender and hit the button… in thirty seconds I have a delicious smoothie, with ingredients ranging from banana, yogurt, milk, chia seeds, oatmeal, cacao powder, a fruit cup, Splenda, unsweetened cacao, chopped walnuts, chopped-up ice. In literally less than thirty seconds I have a perfectly blended smoothie. I’m honestly amazed. Recommend this to everybody, point blank!” —Germany Jones

Get it from Amazon for $17.85+ (available in five colors and with extra jar).


A lightweight but mighty personal blender complete with overheat protection and a rotating speed of 23,000 rpm.


Bonus: it comes with two blender cups that detach right into travel cups. Two for the price of one!

Promising review: “This was exactly what I was looking for. My husband and I both work out and really like a protein shake/smoothie afterward. The convenience of being able to blend it right on the bottle you drink it out of is the best! We put protein powders in it, coconut milk, and load it with frozen blueberries and bananas. Have had no problems at all. Easy to use, easy cleanup and a really strong personal blender. I will never be without this. Absolutely love it.” —Gina Jones

Get it from Amazon for $31.99


A pink retro blender with a crank instead of a button (!!!) for the person in your life who needs everything to be cute (but doesn’t want to compromise on quality).

Amazon, amazon.com

It also comes with a free travel cup in addition to the mason jar attachment, a travel lid, and a straw!

Promising review: “I love blending fresh mangoes in my smoothies. All the previous blenders I tried took a LONG time to completely blend down everything and the smoothie isn’t so fine so you can still taste the fiber in your smoothie. But this blender is so powerful and fast; it takes no more than five seconds to finely blend a whole container of ice cubes, frozen fruit, and fresh fruit thoroughly. And most importantly, it’s such a fine blend, you will no longer have the annoying fiber texture in your smoothie!! I am so impressed. I bought this blender for the look because it’s cute, vintage, and pink, BUT its functionality and power really surprised me. Please trust me and get this blender!!!!” —Jackie.S

Get it from Amazon for $42.99


A blender with a sports bottle lid attachment so you can immediately feel like an athlete in a Gatorade commercial when you wake up in the morning (but not as sweaty).

Amazon, amazon.com

Promising review: “This blender is all I ever wanted in a blender. I love that it is only one cup, one dose, and good to go. I hate those blenders with a big blending cup so you end up with extra smoothie and extra dishes to wash and they are just bulky. This blender is strong, crushes ice and everything in seconds. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I am going to buy it for my friend, too. Oh, and I use it two times a day since I am on this workout diet for the past six months. For a single person, this is the greatest invention!!” —Niko

Get it from Amazon for $19.71+ (available in four colors).


A rechargeable Blendjet that’s portable in every sense of the word— this guy will make your smoothie on a mountain hike, at the beach, or in the car on the way to work. No pesky cords that get tangled up in everything, just sheer battery-powered convenience under $50.


It’s also got a myriad of extra features, like measuring markings on the cup, a water-resistant USB-C port, a built-in carrying strap, and a food processor setting. It’s also self-cleaning; just drop in some soap and water, blend, and it’s clean!

Promising review: “This little portable blender is amazing!!! So many uses and you can use it anywhere! We use it daily for smoothies but love to use it by the pool or even in the boat to easily mix up frozen cocktails or mocktails for the kids. I am purchasing three more today for graduation gifts…it will be perfect for a dorm room or college apartment.”—Tami W.

Get it from Blendjet for $49.95 (available in 12 bright colors).


A cheap rechargeable blender with a powerful battery that can be charged via multiple power sources (like a PC USB port or any other USB for that matter). The LED display lights up to indicate the battery level!

Amazon, amazon.com, amazon.com

It comes with a USB-C charging cable, as well as a cleaning brush. According to the description, it can also self-clean by just adding soap and water into the blender and pressing the button.

Promising review: “I had a big blender at home for years and used it a lot for making smoothies for the whole family, but it was heavy and I couldn’t bring it for travel. This little portable blender was just perfect! Very convenient and easy to bring with, and it’s not noisy like the big one! I have been using it for about a week. Two cups of fruits every day, it works great! To be honest, for the first 15 minutes, I did not like it because I was not able to turn it on. I pushed the power button, did not work, I held the power button, it did not work. I thought that I got a broken item, or that it was out of battery. My 14-year-old daughter figured out that you’re supposed to double-click the power button to make it work. Now I got it, and I start to appreciate this design— it prevents being turned on by accidental touch! Great product, super convenient!” —Ke Zhang

Get it from Amazon for $32.99


A multi-use hand immersion blender with all kinds of attachments perfect for making soups, pesto, salsa, smoothies, and even chopping vegetables.

Amazon, amazon.com

This hand blender has twelve speed settings and comes with a food processor bowl, a whisk attachment, and a mixing beaker. Reviewers have found some awesomely creative uses for it, such as making soap, whipped coffee, and mousse.

Promising review:It is so much more powerful than the other blenders I bought at this price point. The motor is strong and the different speeds are great. Puréed frozen stuff for a smoothie with ease. I bought this to replace another inexpensive blender that was really wimpy. Great tool and easy to clean. Wish I had bought this one to begin with. This is the fourth immersion blender I have bought in 15 years and so far it seems like the best one.” —Lucy Jo

Get it from Amazon for $39.99


A tried-and-tested personal Ninja blender guaranteed to crush anything that you put in it. It comes with a whopping 900 watts of power, as well as 18-ounce and 24-ounce to-go cups.


Promising review: “The blending power is amazing!! I’ve made smoothies with frozen fruit, ice, and even nuts and it’s worked great on it all! I’ve seen comments complaining about how you can’t just hit a button and walk away, but it’s really not necessary… nothing I have made has taken more than a few minutes of total blending time. Cleanup is also super easy with this product! If you wash it right after use all you have to do is pretty much just rinse it. I have even made chicken and chickpea salad in it and cleaning was still a breeze. This was the first appliance I’ve ever purchased and I’ll be honest the price scared me a little but it is definitely worth every penny. It’s my fave thing in the kitchen.” —Schyler Burrell

Get it from Amazon for $59.99 (also available with 1000 watts, an extra 12-ounce cup, and a 75-recipe cookbook).


An Instant Pot blender that would probably be better described as an assistant for your kitchen. It has four hot programs and four cold programs for blending and for cooking, so whether you want to crush ice, cook soup, or make almond milk, this is the blender for you.


As with all Instant Pot products, reviewers say it’s helpful to review the recipes in the manual for optimal use. It also comes with a food tamper, cleaning brush, measuring cup, and strainer bag.

Promising review: “My wife and I bought this thing a week ago. We have run multiple programs already, and are absolutely amazed! We have already recommended this blender to multiple people who are experiencing the same results! If you are willing to read the short instruction manual that’s full of illustrations, you will not be disappointed and will have found an amazing new appliance for your kitchen. We have collected a number of personal-sized blenders over the years that are clearly past their prime. We have so far made smoothies, two incredibly perfect creamy soups, all kinds of fresh non-dairy milks (almond milk, nut milk, rice milk), and we use the cleaning feature frequently all with just a touch of a button! Just like our Instant Pot Ultra cooker, this Ace-60 blender has opened new horizons for us with food and all the great things we can make that we never thought of before thanks to the incredible power and convenience.” —MightyQuin

Get it from Walmart for $79

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