10 years after the end of her iconic show, Oprah Winfrey still best embodies TV today

But even on these smaller, often more racially themed shows, you can feel Winfrey’s knack for creating a sense of unity and belonging — the quality that for so long set TV apart from other media, and the one television desperately wishes it could continue conjuring. Part of that alchemy comes from Winfrey’s strange, unclassifiable celebrity. Unlike most talk-show hosts today, she’s not a comedian like Ellen DeGeneres or Jimmy Kimmel, though she does enjoy a side gig as a two-time Oscar-nominated actor. Between her book club and her Favorite Things, she’s undeniably an influencer, but seldom called such. She’s equal parts a star and producer — the kind of power player a younger generation of women in entertainment, like Reese Witherspoon, have made moves toward becoming — but also probably the world’s most huggable billionaire. Winfrey is completely unreachable, and yet, especially in recent years, she’s given us more shows than you might have time for. Her version of stardom has no equivalent. She’s Oprah.

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